Marketing for Coaches using WOMM

Just like any other profession, coaching practice is also surrounded by competition. With so much of its fierce, coaches always look for opportunities to effectively market their services. Having a website, or being active on social media is one of the modes but is no longer enough to make you stand out. Some other examples of effective marketing are social media, digital marketing, and networking events. Something that has worked since ages and is also currently the trendiest way of marketing is Word of mouth marketing (WOMM).

What is WOMM?

It is a simple way to spread about your services through a word of mouth. In modern era, it also covers instances where users share their detailed feedback about the services they have availed. As a coach, your business also relies on this marketing strategy because this means of marketing can help you maximise client base and grow your practice.

How to grow business through WOMM?

Focus on the power of word of mouth marketing! While working on the marketing strategies, keep the following points in mind.

Be good at your work

It is a natural behavior that clients would like to share their positive and/or negative feedback with others. If you want your clients to share the positive feedback with everyone around them, then you should focus on understanding how you can satisfy your client. It will increase their satisfaction and trust level with you and the various services you provide. If you help your clients achieve successful outcomes, they will happily share their success story with others.

Try to follow a seamless process from the beginning till the end, which should provide tangible results to your clients.

Ask for referrals

WOMM is a two-way process! Choose not hesitate to ask for referrals, but at the same time be careful when you have this discussion with them. It can be at the crucial point when you have developed productive relationship. It can be when you have completed few coaching sessions and the client is ready to provide feedback.

You can ask use techniques like email marketing or social media campaigns to communicate your desire for referrals.

Define referral process

To achieve the desired results, you should always define a process. How to define the process? Once you have asked your clients for referrals, make it easy for them to share their referrals with you. You can send the details via teaser and the same can be further shared with their known ones. Then the lead is converted to a client. Later, you can reward your client with some sought of incentive. Make the process easier to be followed from both ends. Make an intuitive referral template that your client can use easily, which in turn give you good number of referrals.

Offer incentives

A reward when glued with a satisfactory service encourages your client to refer you to their family and friends. This incentive can range from a complementary or a discounted coaching sessions, workshops or lectures.

Stay in contact

Maintaining good relationships and periodic contact with your clients helps them remember you and your services even if they are no longer actively availing your services. This can be very handy when clients may have an opportunity to refer you even years down the line.

The word of mouth marketing can be a powerful and you may choose to create an effective strategy for it.


We, at NLP Authority, during our master coach training program, have a special module for your business success strategies. WOMM is one of them we focus on, apart from many other effective means of marketing for coaches.