The Kaleidoscope of Beliefs

Life is full of magic. Sometimes desirable, sometimes otherwise. Sometimes it makes us wonder with astonishment, and sometimes, with disappointment. And none of this is without the illusive kaleidoscope. The illusions that we create looking through the kaleidoscope of our beliefs.

For a moment, think like a little baby, who has just arrived. A little being with absolutely no conditioning at all. Look from the eyes of this little baby at all the events happening around you. Hear everything around you as just sounds. Experience, that in the sheer absence of preconceived notions, the world is a wonder to explore. There is nothing that disappoints a little baby apart from absence of food and comfort, both at this state being physiological. The purity of neurological inputs that a little baby experiences is cleaner in so many ways. 

And then, the conditioning begins, just almost along with the meaning making process. The mind starts taking over the purity of experiences. Familial, social and self-experiential learning starts to code the filters. Reality starts turning to representation. Soon, within a few years, the little baby grows into a social being, with what I would call a kaleidoscope of shortcuts that helps him make more ‘sense’ of the world around. With time and experiences, this kaleidoscope thickens its patterns. 

Each child has his own set of ever evolving patterns in this kaleidoscope, and therefore, each child grows into a different individual. Each one develops own set of perceptions, understandings, skills, and ways to achieve results. This is a beautiful process, till! 

This is a beautiful process, till the now-grownup individual starts believing that what he or she sees through one’s own kaleidoscope is what others ‘should’ see, believe and enact upon. This lays the foundation of fundamentalism in some individuals who have limited, narrower exposure to the wider world around. It may actually start becoming ugly here.  Believing that there is just one way to live, and everyone ‘should’ live in a particular way is one of the biggest challenges and individual can face, leading to major disappointments, conflicts and disputes. 

Is there a way out? Luckily, Yes!. 

Imagine holding a kaleidoscope and looking at the patterns. And then just rotating it a bit to see another set of patterns, just as wonderful. This is exactly what one may choose to do. Steer one’s own ways to look at things around with flexibility, curiosity and by building experiences of different nature. Travel to places where people live differently as you do. Listen to people that have different, even opposite views that you may hold. Let your mental map expand. Make the boundaries of your mental map flexible. Life openly. Accept change. Choose to change at will. 

Choose to make your own life easier, by building an ability to shift your perspectives at will. 

The question is – How? The answer is …..

If you have the intent, and are willing to step into change, I have something magical for you. I have spent over two decades helping people experience just this easiness and growth in life.

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And much more….

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