How to Make Good DecisionsA Quick Guide to Make Good Decision

Decision making is an art, which is so important for everyone. Be it a leader, or a marketing personal, or a judge sitting in the court, who must give the final verdict on a case. To live your life productively and efficiently, you should know the various factors required to make a
good decision.

The major challenge is how?

How do you know whether the decision taken is good or totally wrong? We are all confronted with various decisions to make on daily basis. Decisions can also be categorised as small with minor consequences or huge and potentially life changing. Some are very simple that you will take less than a minute to come to it, while others are difficult and painstaking.

Let me introduce a simple and flexible framework – Identify, Explore, and Execute, then you can immediately start making fast and right decisions. 

Identify the decision to be made as well as the objective you want to achieve

This is the biggest challenge.  Jot down the important possible objectives that you would love to meet with this decision. Then, out of the list select one or two decisions that you think will leave the biggest positive impact. You can note down the pros and cons of the selected objectives with all the respective shareholders. Eventually, you can take the right decision with the support of all stakeholders. There is always a possibility that few stakeholders do not agree with your decision. But being a leader, you need to take a big step in making a right choice of the decision that can give you the expected output.

Explore the various options aligning the ultimate objective

You can make an error free judgment by broadening your frame of reference. The best way to come to the right solution is to refer an “Inner Critic”! When you consult an “Inner Critic”, it works in two ways. Firstly, you can explain your situation to another person. While doing this you get new insights about the decision before the other person even responds. In response, when you receive the fresh prospective, you can consider it your second option.

Execute the knowledge and the thoughts you have gathered so far

After defining the primary strategic objectives, performing your research, and thinking on one or two key “Inner Critics”, it’s time to execute your knowledge and thoughts. For execution, you should select one option and let go off other options. Please remember, when you are in the real world there is no concept of perfect decision. Decision making is always going to be an exercise, which can be improved in the next journey. No one can guarantee that whatever decision you have taken is the right option. 

Decision making can be based on the time taken also.

For example, 

  • Fast and balanced decision where a big level organization needs two to three weeks of time to decide on how to remain competitive and being compliant with a new government regulation. 
  • Fast and balanced decision where a team of the same organization have no more than 20 – 30 minutes to decide about a customer account decision. 

Regardless of your capabilities or position, the decision-making framework should enable all corners of an organization chart to share a common language and approach for making sound, timely decision.

So, do not sit idle and wait, just get started!

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