Emotional Intelligence Training with Dr. Ashish Sehgal

Emotional Intelligence Training

The Easy E.I. Program 

Emotional Intelligence Training

Practical, Faster & Smarter

The Easy E.I. Program offers a fast-paced and accessible approach to building your Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Gain the knowledge and tools to become an effective practitioner, master and facilitator of EI and build your personal and professional life.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training can equip you with the skills to build stronger relationships, manage your emotions effectively, and become a more inspiring human being, coach and leader.

Stay Emotionally Intelligent and Live a Better Life!


The Easy E.I. Approach

The Easy E.I. approach takes a streamlined and practical stance on developing your Emotional Intelligence (EI). It focuses on equipping you with readily applicable skills to manage your emotions and navigate relationships effectively. 


Complex concepts of EI are broken down into clear, manageable steps. This makes the program approachable for anyone, regardless of their prior knowledge of emotional intelligence.



The emphasis lies on practical application. Through interactive activities, exercises, and case studies, you’ll gain hands-on experience in using EI tools in real-world scenarios.


Fast-Paced Learning

This fast facilitation process delivers intensive training, allowing you to acquire a solid foundation in EI within a focused timeframe.

Personalized Focus

The program acknowledges individual needs. You’ll receive personalized feedback and coaching opportunities to ensure the learned skills translate effectively into your personal growth.


Benefits of the Easy E.I. Approach to Emotional Intelligence

Reduced Learning Curve

By focusing on clear, actionable steps, the program eliminates the need to delve into intricate theories, making it easier to grasp core concepts.

Immediate Application

The emphasis on practical exercises allows you to start using EI skills right away, leading to quicker improvements in your personal and professional life.

Confidence Building:

Personalized feedback and coaching help you develop the confidence to implement these skills effectively in real-world situations.

Levels of Emotional Intelligence Training

Easy E.I. Practitioner

 Easy E.I. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Program
Prerequisites: Basic Education | Language Fluency 
Duration: 2 Days

Easy EI Masters Program

Easy E.I. Emotional Intelligence Masters Program – +3 Days

Easy E.I. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Program
Prerequisites: E.I. Practitioner
Duration: 3 Days

Easy EI Facilitator

 Easy E.I. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Program
Prerequisites: E.I. Practitioner + Masters Program
Duration: 3 Days

What do our participants feel and say!

West Valley Services Private limited
Thank you Ashish for an Amazing NLP course. Your knowledge & expertise of The NLP concepts, techniques and tools is commendable. Your delivery style and approachability with the learners is simply laudable!! The real time demonstration of the case studies helped enhance the learning experience. I would highly recommend doing NLP training program from Dr. Ashish Sehgal!! He is one of the best trainer and Life Coach !! Regards- Sumi Khandpur
Arti Choudhary
I did NLP Practitioner course with Ashish Sir. It’s a wonderful life-changing experience in his guidence. He explained each n every single thing with great ease n calmness. Students can ask as many questions as thay can. He listens you so patiently n replies every question untill the student dint get it properly . The atmosphere of the classroom was just amazing (it feels like home). I feel so good to learn from India’s one of the best coaches. Thank you Ashish Sir for you Guidence. Blessed to have you as a mentor. Gratitude 🙏🏻
Sameena Ali
Being with Ashish sir is such a calmer state and the best part is when it’s training for self development it’s like a cherry in the cake With NLP training I clearly broke some hardwired beliefs and knew the art of asking the right set of question with a complete practical Handson experience Thanks a ton Ashish sir for making it so smooth on sensitive yet much desired topic to handle as a coach Highly recommended and truly appreciate it
Rhythem Aggarwal
Amazing sessions. The way sir clears the concept and queries really great. Thankyou sir for the wonderful learnings.
Vandana Mahajan
NLP transformed my outlook towards people, situations and experiences. The 5 day workshop was enriching and liberating in the sense that it opened a whole new world of possibilities for me. Apart from gifting me with some truly great friends, the various activities we participated in, made us better individuals as well. Ashish with his clarity of vision and purpose, added much value to my belief systems and acted like a true catalyst towards a great new journey ahead!
Roli Khanna
I went with lots of confusions, ifs and but's. I was totally unsure about achieving my goals, had all the doubts as I was keeping lots of unresourceful beliefs. Once Ashish started the sessions it was like he is giving answers to all my questions.he may not talk to you directly about ur problems but still u get all the answers. NLP training is something which is helping me in all the areas of life be it relationship, talking to ur child, ur friends. One thing which is really sinked in me is " Ur belief is not reality it's just ur internal Representation". Thank you Ashish for changing my view of seeing situations and life and helping me to help others to get clarity between beliefs and facts!!!!!!! Ashish U r an amazing person,guide and a mentor I am looking fwrd to learn a lot from you.
Kanchan Roman Rafiq
Ashish is a great Teacher and Enabler. I attended his 5 days NLP practitioner course and it was a great experience. You can ask him as many questions on concepts and he is happy to answer them all :).